Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blog Death is on the horizon

Yes, 'tis true.   This blog is almost dead.  I go back and forth with just deleting it permantly.  I almost decide to delete it, but then I wonder "what about those times I really enjoy writing posts"  or "what about when I go back to Germany & my peeps want updates"?  So, I am going to try to revive it.  I think. 

Recently, I have been in Baby Land.  Know what I mean?  Here is an example:

Now you get it.  Oh, and without a husband! (Temporarily...well, 3 more months)

However, both of the babies in Baby Land are doing exceedingly well (not sure how long that will last).   One is learning to sleep through the night and one is potty training, but both are making progress!

SO, I think what I am going to do is have some weekly features.  I may be totally kidding myself since I've tried this before, but I'm kind of excited about it.

Here's what I got:

Monday-  Food Love. I love to cook. Probably didn't know that, huh? Well, you wouldn't since I'm not the best cook ever or a "natural" cook. I mean, I grew up on Stove Top and canned vegetables. That aside, I love to try new recipes and I get so so excited when I find one that I like! And, since I'm not so very excellent at cooking, I can guarantee the recipes I post will be easy. I get ideas from all over so I will have to look into copyright stuff I guess before I post them.

Wednesday-  Kid Love. Me and my daughter do lots of fun activites both indoors and out. Some flop and some are awesome. So I'll post one thing we did that we loved and one thing we did that crashed and burned.   

Friday- Book Love. Probably a book review of a book I read in the past week & if I haven't read a book in the past week (Um, what??? I know, but it does occasionally happen), then maybe I'll just gab about a book I love or review an older book or something else bookish.

Those are my goals.  I think if I get back in the habit of posting more reguarly, more posts will undoubtedly crop up.  But, for now, that is what I am going to try to do.  Enjoy!

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