Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Fever

Holy Guacamole.  I seriously have baby fever.  Funny thing about that is that I already have a baby.  When I was trying to get pregnant with Baby Girl I didn't have baby fever.  When all my friends at church starting having babies, I didn't get baby fever.  When I got married I didn't get baby fever.  But, NOW, that I actually have a baby, I have baby fever.

Maybe it's because Baby Girl makes my heart swell with joy and love and happiness.  Maybe it's because I love being a mommy so so so much.  Maybe it's because it feels like this is what I am meant to do.  Maybe it's because I live in a town with no friends and no family & Hubby works all the time so Baby Girl is the only part of my life right now with any substance & I want to recreate it.  Maybe it's because God has placed that desire in me for a reason. 

I dunno!  BUT, it does feel crazy to have a baby who hasn't even rolled over yet & want another so bad I can't see straight.  I do tend to exaggerate btw :)  I was never even excited to be pregnant...I never really looked forward to holding Baby Girl or anything.  I did vaguely wonder what she would like her (spitting image of her father...poo).   This desire has most definitely taken me by surprise.  I am not going to rush out and get pregnant again or anything.  I'm way too scared to do that.  Wanting and ready are two different things I think.

But, seriously, check out this chick & tell me how I could not possibly want more of this wonderfulness...


Linda said...

I love this chick so much! No wonder you want more!

Hubby said...

holy crap she's CUTE!!! I hadn't seen all these pics. Honey, we make some awesome babies. Now there's proof. We da bomb!