Thursday, March 04, 2010

Up with the sun, as usual :)

Both of the babies are sleeping. (Babies being baby cat Phoenix & baby dog Bella). Actually, I think baby in my belly is also sleeping. For once ;-)

I'm done with work now & it has been ok. It is nice to not have to go, of course, but I get kind of bored. It's funny-the other day there was this thing on TV that said "If you wait until you don't have anything to do, that won't ever happen in this day & age". I looked at Hubby & laughed because we both know that I have to MAKE myself get up & do things. I have nothing to do pretty much all day long. I am told I should appreciate it now because we're gonna have a baby soon & then everything changes.

It is amazing how few people say "everything changes for the good". Once you get pregnant, 90% what you hear about is all the negative things a baby brings. It used to really piss me off, but I've come to realize that the people who do nothing but complain about their children also have nothing nice to say about their spouses either or their job, so I am left with the conclusion that the problem lies with them & not their situation. I am quite content with my life-my husband, my job, my tiny I assume I will be content with my daughter too. I'm not saying motherhood will be easy, but I have found very few things in life are easy (except my job, that was pretty easy peasy). I think Baby Girl will be more of a blessing than a drag no matter what anyone says. I ain't scared :)

Well, almost time for the Today Show. I actually have plans after lunch today! I'm excited. Me & my friend Kristin are running around the mall making returns & hanging out. Yay for good friends who will go with you to make your returns :)

Look forward to this warm weekend!


Linda said...

Babies are the most wonderful blessing!Sure it can be hard work, and sure you can get really tired, but your daughter will be worth it all...juat like mine are to me. and sons can be great too!
love to ALL

Anonymous said...

Being a mommy is the most hard, wonderful, gross, tiring, rejuvenating, annoying, fun, scary, awesome thing you'll ever do. At least that I've ever done :) You guys are going to do just fine :) Don't listen to the haters--you're right, there ain't much that satisfies a chronic complainer!