Sunday, July 30, 2006


due to lack of creativity & lack of time, descriptions of my travels will be limited. vermont gets a top 5 list because i happen to love top 5 lists. (top 10 lists are better, but family reunions only have so much to offer)...kidding, of course ;-)

my TOP 5 memories from norwich, vermont
5.) being called babe & darling & sweetie & honey
4.) eating fresh & delicious blueberries while chatting with all my long lost family that i never get to see!! they are crazy funny
3.) watching a video from the 1990 reunion at my old house in phoenix-imagine about 20 of us cracking up over the way we used to look-it was so fun
2.) sitting on a huge front porch with a beautiful view of the river
1.) my number 1 memory is definitely watching my 76-year-old uncle try to waterski :) haha, oh the images

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