Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Toddler Summary-15 months

I'm not organized/disciplined enough to do this regularly, but I thought that even randomly done will be a good reference for the future!

Baby Girl is a pretty good eater.  She will try new things and I think eats a decent amount.  I think she ate a little more when she was younger, but I heard that after the age of 1, babies growth rates slow down so they don't need as much "fuel" so I'm not too worried.  She LOVES fruit!  Fruit for breakfast, fruit for lunch, fruit for dinner.  She also loves bread.  Those are the two things that I can always give her if she is feeling picky.  For breakfast, she eats one packet of instant oatmeal plus fruit and I share my cereal with her too.  For lunch, she eats some kind of veggie (peas, corn, sweet potato, green beans), some kind of fruit, and some carb (puffs, Ritz whole wheat crackers).  On days I'm worn out, I feed her a Lunchable :)  For dinner, she eats whatever we eat-normally some kind of rice and fruit.  She still won't eat meat unless it is ground up (chicken nugget or those vienna sausage thingies for babies).  Dinner is her smallest meal.  During the day she also snacks on puffs or cranberries or animal crackers.  She is drinking a little bit more water (a little bit).  Her milk intake has seriously gone down this past week which worries me.  We have a doctor's appointment in a couple of weeks so I'll ask her about it then.

This poor girl has been through so much this past month it is really hard to tell what her sleeping patterns are.  She goes to bed at 7:30 and used to sleep until 8, but this past week she has been waking up at 6:15!  I tried keeping her up an extra half hour tonight and it was awful! The monster is released when you try to deprive that girl of sleep.  Seriously, every time I try to cut her sleep I regret it.  She is still taking 2 naps a day.  I wish I could cut one out so she would sleep more at night, but I'm scared!! 

Yes, she sure is teething! She is cutting her bottom 1st molars and is definitely struggling.  She cut her top 1st molars in Germany with very little disruption, but these bottom ones are giving her a time!  I am blaming the not drinking milk and not sleeping at night on teething.  After all, they both started happening about a week ago.  Coincidence?  I think not.

She's a stud.  Plays by herself pretty well, but I don't actually leave the room.  I can read or check my email while she talks to her stuffed animals or plays with a toy.  A skill I would really like to teach her is to play alone with me in another room, but at my parent's house we dont have a good set up to do that.  I guess if I was serious about doing that I could completely baby proof her nursery.  We'll see. 

She loves her books which is so wonderful!  We read every day.  She is not so good at sitting through an entire book unless she is really tired (she is a major wiggle worm after all).  She will bring me a book, climb up in my lap, and read about 3 or 4 pages, and then want down.  Repeat this process over and over again and you can see what we do a lot.  A lot :)  She will also pull all her books off of the bookshelf and flip through them by herself.  She likes to hear the books her daddy recorded, but again, not for very long. When she hears his voice, she grins up at me and acts like she will listen to the entire book, but no, she won't.

Schedule (in an ideal world that is)
8:00-Wake up & snuggle
9:00-Reading Time
9:30-Playtime with Mommy
10:00-Milk plus snack
10:30-take a walk or have free time
13:30-Sing our daily songs and make music (this week we played with bells)
14:00-Outside time
14:30-Milk plus snack
15:00-Free time/bath every other day
17:00-offer milk or juice
17:30-play with her grandpa while I cook dinner

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Stacey said...

This is a great idea! I try to write the girls or myself a letter every six months (Abby's is kind of yearly now actually) to just remember what they're doing, etc. That's so neat that she is still taking 2 naps! Lily is already working on giving up her morning nap and actually does a couple days a week. Oy :p