Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wiggle Worm

Ok, so I really thought all toddlers were wiggle worms.  I wouldn't know personally since I only have the one, but that's what I thought.  I thought wrong.  We went to-and I absolutely cannot get over the cuteness of this name-"Baby Bookworm Storytime" today at the local library.  It's a 30 minute program.  You sing a little and then the teacher (who was a dude, but he totally rocked it) reads or just flips through a book depending on the book.  After each book, we sing a little song and point out body parts if the book addressed any.  For example, today we talked about hair and noses.  We sang "Wheels on the Bus", "Pat-A-Cake", the Open-Shut Hand song, and I learned some new ones.  We also talked about cows and what noise they make. 

Ok, TMI, sorry.  Anyway, there were maybe 8 kids there and 6 of them were sitting so nicely in their mommas (no daddys) laps.  What?  How do they get their kids to do that?  My child had to go around and say "Hi" and wave to everyone and then she wanted to show me everyone's "shuz" (Shoes for those of you who don't know baby speak).  And the books.  Baby Girl loves books.  Loves books.  I can't say that enough.  So every book the teacher was reading, she thought she should have.  She did fine when I told her no.  She didn't have any meltdowns or anything, but between her wanting to hold every book and wanting to touch everyone's shoes, I stayed busy!  Which I am certainly not complaining about.  It is my job to parent and I am so proud of her confidence and curiousity.  But I am left to the conclusion that all toddlers are not extreme wiggle worms as I once supposed. 

It all makes sense now.  In my womb, she kicked me all day every day.  Seriously, I do not know when the child slept.  Then as an infant, she was always moving her arms and her legs.  You see those adds where there is a momma gazing down at her little bundled up infant?  Not my child! She wanted to stretch and kick and look around!  Even as a wee little thing.  Once she started crawling, my hope of a snuggle bug really did die.  The only time I get to pretend she likes to snuggle is when she is drinking her milk in my lap (4 entire minutes of calm!) and for a few minutes right before bed.

One good thing about her constant motion is the child wears herself out and is a wonderful sleeper.  She is 15 months old and is just now starting to go to one nap a day (one really long nap).  Some days it's still two.  She also sleeps for approximately 12-13 hours every night! Bliss I tell you!

So, as dangerous as it might be, I am planning on Baby Boy being a calm snuggly little thing :)  Although I think being active is actually a wonderful trait for a child to have (no matter how much it wears me out) so maybe I should hope I get another wiggle worm! It's a good thing God gets to decide that because I would make the wrong decision for sure.

On the Baby Boy front, I am starting to get excited about having a boy! I have been praying about my heart in this area for months (no joke) and maybe God has determined it's time for some boy love to enter my soul :)  I was thinking about teenagers wearing itty bitty bikinis last night (some pictures I saw of teens in barely there swimsuits was really bothering me) and I just thought "Oh, thank goodness I'm having a boy!".  And, yes, I know they come with a slew of issues too, but string bikinis isn't one of them!

This afternoon, I get to be reunited with a dear friend of mine from Germany who is coming to live down the street from me!  That is how big God is :)  It's gets even better.  Our moms are friends, both or our husbands are deployed, we both have toddler daughters, and we are both pregnant with boys due a month apart! Sometimes I believe the lie that God doesn't do an adequate job of taking care of me and Baby Girl, but when things like that happen, I am totally humbled and realize how selfish I am to think that my husband could do better than my Creator. 

Ok, gotta run.  Have a great weekend!

Also, I don't nearly put enough pictures up, so here is one of my precious girl and my precious husband on the day he left. 

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