Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Long Overdue

And I would like to say that from now on I will be blogging regularly, but I can't say that with any surety.  I think I might blog more since I am finally settled after a crazy crazy crazy 4 weeks.  But no promises, ok?!  Like everything else in my life I am either at the top of my game...or the bottom.  It's a pretty frustrating way to live!

We had a horrible trip from Germany to the States.  I thought it couldn't get worse compared to last time and I can't decide if it was worse or a tie!  I will be writing about it soon trying to record every gory detail.  Trip aside and husband gone aside, I really like America.  Air conditioning, Target, family, my own car...pretty amazing stuff! 

The kids are both fine.  (It is weird to say that!).  Well, Baby Girl is definitely fine, Baby Boy (in my belly) hasn't been checked on since June 17th, but I think he's fine too.  I have an appointment next week to check on him. 

Speaking of Baby Boy, he is quite calm in utero compared to Baby Girl.  I rarely feel him kick (I'm at 20 weeks).  With my daughter, she kicked me hard all the time.  Maybe he'll step it up, but I like the thought of a calm baby/child since Baby Girl never stops moving!! I'll take a snuggler please :)

Speaking of my wiggle worm, I hear her waking up so I gotta run. 

Here's to the USA and more blogging!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Meg! Its Robyn...glad your blogging :)