Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yes, that's me. I name it and claim it :)  (Beth Moore reference for those of you who are in the club)

I don't know why every part of my life ebbs and flows so dramatically.  I'm either on top of things or I'm drowing.  There's not much in between for me.  So that is why I haven't been blogging.  I just haven't wanted to lately. 

I'm pregnant again so yay!  13 weeks today. 

We are going back to America in 3 weeks where we will spend 2 weeks together before Hubby leaves to come back to Germany to prepare for deployment.  I am excited for America! Man, I have missed it.  It's so funny.  I spent 2 years after college in Eastern Europe and didn't really miss America at all and now I have spent 6 months in Germany and it has been soooo hard!  The older I get, the less I want to be away from family I guess.  Plus having a family of my own now makes transition and change a lot harder. 

Baby Girl is now obsessed with her pink bunny blanket.  She has to sleep with it and heaven forbid we leave Bunny at home!  Of course she would have designer taste.  Just my luck her particular bunny blanket is a Sandra Magsamen which costs about $40.  I wanted to get another one so she could get used to both of them so A.) I could wash it several times a week and B.) In the event we lost one, we would have a back up.  But 40 bucks?!?!?  Holy moly. 

Ok, gotta run.  Baby Godzilla is tearing apart my living room :)


Stacey said...

three weeks?! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! That's so soon! Will you all make it to her before dear husband goes back to Germany? We would love to see the four of you and you could Leah back with you ;) hahahaa!

Meg said...

We will be in Charleston for a little while with his family. He doesn't have much time at home so we probably wont make it to Huntington, but maybe we'll hit up RCCC one morning :) I will be visiting regularl though so you will definitely see me and my sweet girl!