Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Haps

Weeeeeeeell, not much has been going on lately. 

I still want to have another baby really bad.  One of my BFF's is pregnant & wouldn't it be great to be pregnant with her?  (Maybe not the best reason to get pregnant, but still).  One of my other friends just brought home twin girls & I am green with envy.  (Really, ask Hubby).  However, last night I laid in bed at 11pm & tried to imagine those first few days when you get no sleep & I was thankful that Baby Girl is sleeping better...although STILL not sleeping thru the night!  I guess she'll figure it out eventually.  She sleeps thru the night anywhere from 2-4 times a week.
As far as getting pregnant, me & Hubby discussed it 2 nights ago & figured out different scenerios & we have decided that unless God deems otherwise we are going to wait.  Mostly, because if I got pregnant now, the baby would be born in Germany & we would rather wait until we are back in the states (well, me at least.  Hubby will probably be deployed somewhere.  *sniffle*).

Last night we had a meat salesman stop by at our house.  Seriously.  Even more random, we bought $85 worth of meat!  It's a lot of steaks though for about $3 a pop.  Hope it tastes good!  I didn't even know door to door salespeople even existed still.  Kids, sure...but like adults trying to make a living, I thought those professions had died out.  But, what do I know? 

My goals are going pretty good.  I am definitely reading more to Baby Girl.  I finished my Bible Study scrapbook.  I am not doing so hot with the non-fiction & reading news articles, but I am still trying.  Working out is kind of hit or miss week to week.  I will say my stomach is starting to shrink so I must be doing something right.  I can fit into all of my jeans, but a couple of them look painted on :)  Hubby likes those ;)

My sis came & visited us which was fun. 

Yeah, that's about all!  Like I said, not much happening :) 
Now, if you were interested in what is going on in the literary world, we could probably talk for hours! 

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Anonymous said...

I'm excited about having another grandchild too, but I can wait...maybe by the time the next one is born, I will be retired and have more time to spend with little ones. (although I will have less money I guess!) Time or will all work out!