Tuesday, November 11, 2008

you know school is really bad when...

when you go to your old blog that you haven't written on for a year & start writing.

i am trying to compose an annotated bibliography for one class and a topic proposal for another & i have about one hour till i have to leave the library.
so why am i blogging?
confident? not so much...
foolish? getting closer...
apathetic? home run.

i'm tired, this is hard, and i dont like thinking.

i have been considering about picking this blog back up anyway. i know very few people read it, but it's kinda fun to write about life.
not that i have much to update anyone one.
i'm married now & that's cool. my cat is on a diet (i hate to say good-bye to that perfect round belly of his, but health is more important than vanity so i hear). yeah, that's about it.

happy november

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