Saturday, December 29, 2007

wow! i remember how to type

forgetting how to type was an awful experience. truly sorry for the delay in postings, but i couldn't expect to dictate my blog to a transcriptionist, could i?!? but now that my typing memory has been restored, all is well.

i guess i could do a top 5 of my events in my life lately since i happen to love top anything lists. i've also been into rating things. i give my hair today a 1 & my pajamas a 9.

5.) Being a oncology unit clerk. i was just thinking recently that since i like it so much, what's the point in going back to get my masters in english? it sounds like i'm kidding, but i'm not! i love being a secretary! gosh, i'm a dork.

4.) Knowing that I still miss Slovakia so much some days it hurts. It's sounds like a not-so-fun one & it isn't so fun, but at least I know I haven't cut that part of heart out or moved on. I still get so jealous of people who get to go back...A.K.A. people with more money than me! (well, that's just about everyone...KIDDING! :)

3.) ummm, my hair is getting really long which means soon I'll be able to chop it for 'Locks For Love'.

2.) Getting engaged on 9/13/07 rocked the house! it was great & the red hat ladies even bought our dinner.

1.) The number one event in my life as of late would have to be since i'm gettting married soon, then soon there will be no more planning a wedding! jeejj! i can't wait to not have to plan a wedding EVER AGAIN!

wow, that was great. really invigorating. i'm going to try to stay more up to date on my blogging, but we'll see. i hear old married ladies don't have all that much free time. :( sad, i love free time. my favorite subject.

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Anonymous said...

Ahoj meg,
it's nice to read something on your blog again :-) ....finally...good that you remember how to type again :-)
By the way, people in slovakia miss you as well :-(
I am glad to read this again...good luck with arranging your wedding...when are you going to have your wedding?:)
miss you a lot...