Sunday, March 11, 2007


Is it possible to be in love with books? No, I'm serious. I may be flirting with disaster by saying this, but I do not know what my life would be like without books. It may take one of 2 roads. It may go down the TV path where I would watch TV every day & every night for hours. That may be one of the most depressing thoughts I have ever had.
OR, it may take the meditative path where I am forced to just sit around & think about life & love & God & scripture. In that case, the eradication of all books in my life would be a positive thing.
Since (hopefully) my life will never be void of books, I don't really need to worry about it.
But, sometimes I do think about how people who read all the time catch a lot less slack than people who watch TV a lot or throw themselves into physical exercise. Reading can become just as much as an avoidance to real life as any other activity. Reading can hinder your relationship with God & it can become an idol just like anything else. Of course, if you're reading the Bible all day long, well, that's a different story all together.
But I don't read the Bible all day long. I read it every day which is a step in the right direction & I even try to read 10 pages of a Christian author every day. Want to know how many pages of fiction I read every day? Well, I won't tell you that because it makes my 10 pages & 2-3 Biblical chapters look mighty pitiful.
This entry started out as an ode to books & instead I am scolding myself! I am only human & I do believe that reading a book about the Californian gold rush for 3 hours will harm you less than watching Friends for the same amount of time (which I also do on occasion).
Bottom line is I love Jesus more than books, but I love books about as much as I love air :)
& one day in heaven I am going to have a library like this one:

& before you ask, of course I will share my treasure with you.

*please note that this is a light-hearted entry & try not to read too much into the theology behind it, because, well, because there isn't any :) !!

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michelle said...

I'm so there. I really love books. I can stand in a bookstore for hours- literally, hours. Yesterday I spent an hour at half price books and came out with a Charles Dickens book and Memoirs of a Geisha. We've got to compare notes at Nancy's wedding so I'll have some good book idea. BTW, CAN'T WAIT to see you!!