Saturday, October 28, 2006

gotta wear shades

wow. has it really been months since i wrote on here!? seriously slacking. i have been experiencing one of my most fried times ever. i say fried not to refer to drug use but emotional, mental, & spiritual exhaustion. the good news is is that i am on the down slope (or is it up slope? what i mean is it's getting better).
i also have not had internet so that makes updating blogs somewhat difficult :)
gosh, i'm not even sure what to write about.
today, let me tell you about my day today. weeellll, i woke up early this morning to meet the cable guy & cook breakfast for my new (well, not so new anymore) beau because my mother watches too much CSI & was afraid that the cable guy would hurt me. then i had a lovely caramel latte with dear karole. after that, i talked to andrea & lisa online which made me miss slovakia so much i cried (but just a little bit...which these days "just a little bit" is quite an improvement). then i went to the dreaded logan's roadhouse to wait tables. lucky for me, it was the easiest friday night i have ever worked & i made the most money i have ever made on a friday (how is that possible??). now i am sitting on my blue couch starving (but also too lazy to make anything to eat) & my feet hurt. so, THAT is what i did today.
today was a good day.
but i'm telling you what, my future is bright! i just got not one, but two new jobs, i only have a few more shifts left at logans, i have an amazing boyfriend who also happens to be one of my best friends, i have internet in my apartment, my baby cat lives with me now, & it's the very beginning of the magical holiday season! (& no, i dont care if you call me a sap :p)
a picture? well...i suppose if you insist...

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Shaffer said...

You're a bright spot in my life.

I'm glad you're writing again. :)