Sunday, April 07, 2013

Ladybug One Month

My  littlest little is one month old. 

She is the most precious baby ever.  Except for my other two of course.  

I just love her so much my heart might burst.  

She rarely cries which is quite a change from the other two!  Autumn had colic and Caleb still cries all the time at 16 months.  

She is a little peanut.  Still in newborn clothes which is also a change from my other two.  Autumn is a giantess and Caleb's nickname is Baby Hulk.   

She eats good and sleeps pretty well.  She sleeps better during the day than at night...why is that?  I'm not complaining though...she has been really easy so far.  

If I were to guess, I would say she is an "Angel Baby" according to the Baby Whisperer personality types (Angel, Textbook, Grumpy, Spirited, Touchy).  Autumn is textbook and Caleb is touchy.  

She is so pretty and easy going.  Both of the big kids love her (thank goodness!) and enjoy kissing her and holding her.  She takes it all in stride :)

I feel so very very blessed to be this precious child's mama.   

Oh, and I call her my Ladybug...hence the title of this post ;)

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