Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shutting This Beast Down

See, here's the thing:  I have too much media in my life.  Last night I was watching the TV, browsing on my lap top and talking on my phone.  Too much, too much, too much.  I am making cuts.  My family suffers from all of our media intake.  I don't know exactly what this is going to look like for our family, but one thing I am doing is hitting pause on the blog.  It's not like I am that dedicated to it anyway so it was an obvious cut for me.  I enjoy it, but there are other things I enjoy browsing food blogs and reading book reviews.  Some things have to go and this blog is at the top of my list.  Along with my Twitter profile that I am also quite inactive on as it stands.  I am about to have 3 babies under the age of 3 and my family has to come first.  Doing crafts and reading books together have to take precedence over blogging.  

I can't bring myself to delete it because I have posts on here from 2006!  I enjoy a good trip down memory lane every now and then.  Plus, once my life begins to have some order and routine I may pick blogging back up.  Only time will tell!!

And, I have to mention that I know I bombed the Advent thing, but I have been computer-less for almost 2 weeks!! Long story, but truly, I did not have a computer to post daily updates.  All I had was my smart phone and all I do on that is look at Facebook.    

So, I bid you an adieu for now.  Thank you for those who have read my blog and hope to back one day...

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Amanda@EmbracingGrace said...

Way to go on putting your kiddos first! I know it gets so hard with so much stuff that can occupy our time. We only get this time once though! Let's enjoy it:) There will be plenty of time later in life:) ...... (OH and our advent with our littles got smaller and smaller daily:)