Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year in the Life of...

2011 Edition!  This idea came from the blog Pure Imagination who I follow because she is a fellow book addict :)

It's basically a recap of 2011's highs and lows.  I am going to post a picture (or 2) for every month to sum it up. 

First off, snow.  That was my month.  Me & Autumn practically spent the entire month indoors.  If you'll take a minute and notice that snow hanging off of the awning in the above picture...that fell on my head when I walked under it! 

This is a small portion of birthday presents I received (yes, I like to color sometimes, don't hate).  Notice my mom wrote "when Chris is not at home".  That was also my month.  This year we spent all 3 of our birthdays (mine, his, and our daughter's) apart.  Lots of time to catch up on my coloring.

Valentine's Day (also spent without the Hubs) 
My hair was so SHORT!!  Holy cow.  And Baby Girl didn't really have much hair...we both look so different now!

Baby Girl's curls begin to emerge!  I know that is not the most exciting of events, but at this point we still weren't really leaving the house.  Living in a foreign country that is covered in snow is a little intimidating ;)

Also in February we found out we miscarried (on our anniversary). 

We got the best news ever on March 1st! Woo-Hoo!!

Finally, we got to TRAVEL!!
Bamberg, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle

Regensberg, Germany

Prague, Czech Republic

Somebody turned ONE!!

I got nothing, but here is a hilarious picture :)

The Casing of the Colors Ceremony represents the last official event of Chris' brigade before they deploy to Afghanistan. They encased the brigade flags which will not be displayed again until they get to Afghanistan.

Military Ball.  I like the fact that we aren't wearing our fancy shoes.  It's our true colors shining through :)

Last day with her daddy for a long long time :(  A very hard day/month.

I think we went to the pool every day in August.  TN is so frickin' HOT

We <3 football parties!

Plus a trip to WV to see Bella! (And the family there too, I suppose...hehe)

Looking pretty preggo...

Trick or Treating in WV!

Fantasy of Trees

I think it's safe to say that this little guy's birth trumphed the holiday's this year ;)

Aaaaaaand, one more:
OH. MY. GOSH. Is he handsome or what??????

There is my wasn't awful, but I am hoping for a better 2012 where I see my husband more and travel more! (Not travel as in move back to America to live with my parents and have a baby while my husband is deployed, but travel as in SEE THE WORLD!) :) 


Lori said...

Your year was much more eventful than mine. :) Your babies are adorable and yes, TN is HOT. I hope 2012 is fantastic!

Happy New Year!

Paula Kathlyn said...

Oh my word...he is BEAUTIFUL!!!!