Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Learning is Fun! Weekly post

Gosh, I can't believe I haven't been posting between these learning posts.  I guess I could try to do better ;-)

So, this is how we did this past week: (Age attempted was 18 months)

1.) Practice climbing down stairs: Check.  She did so good with this.  She kind of knew how to do it before, but not very well and now that I have purposefully taken time to practice with her, she does really well and I don't have to freak out when I am putting away clothes and she is running around :)
2.) Sidewalk Chalk: OMGosh she loves sidewalk chalk!!  She is obsessed now.  I don't love it since it gets ALL OVER her clothes, but she loves toddling around everywhere "chalking" everything and making her mark.  All the bricks and rocks and tree trunks now have chalk lines (or at least they will until it rains!). 
3.) Color again with Red, Blue, Yellow crayons: Mommy fail.
4.) Learn where her "bottom" is:  I think she knows.  Sometimes she points to her belly, but I think she mostly knows.
5.) Signs "dad" and "help":  Mommy fail with "dad" :(  With "help" she does pretty well mimicking me, but she doesn't do it on her own yet.  She did, however, for the first time ever sign "please" today totally umprompted!! 
6.) Drop clothespins in a bottle: check.  Proof:
She did very well with this.
7.) Pumpkin Patch:  Lots of fun!  
Love her :)

8.) Dance:  we did this a lot!  Mostly with me holding her (not for very long.  This preggo chick gets tired easily!).  I should give her more practice and encourage her to dance all by herself. 

Additional Activities:
9.) We rode on a train which was a fun learning experience.  I heard "choo choo" for several days afterwards :)
10.) Played with bubbles!!

Next week's activities:
1.) Play with hats (I don't really have any hats, but maybe I can scrounge some up)
2.) Bubbles again
3.) Color with red, yellow, blue (why am I such a slacker when it comes to this simple activity?!)
4.) Learn where her "thumb" is (should be easy since it's always in her mouth)
5.) Keep learning how to sign "dad" and "help"
6.) Go to Boo at the Zoo (yay! I'm so excited about this!)
7.) Crunch in some leaves if we can find any
8.) Play with a Hula Hoop if I can find one at the dollar store
9.) Featured Book (a book we read every day): "Elmo's First Book of Colors"

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