Thursday, March 12, 2009


I do realize that when most people hear that word, it is very serious and ominous, but of course that's not what I mean. Lately, I have been very aware of how many "addictions" I have-they really are addictions, although you also probably classify them as bad habits. (but let's not get into all my bad habits. you truly do not have the time.)

Firstly, I am addicted to both the Mark of the Lion series & the Twilight series. It's bad, I put one down to show self-control & then I just pick the other one up. I read them both last night while Shaffer slept.

Secondly, I am addicted to my ipod. I listen to it all the time. I take it in the car with me, in the shower (I have a speaker), while I cook, while I clean (ok, to be honest, that one is not very often), I will turn it on even if all I have to do is put my socks on!

Thirdly, I am addicted to sleep. I have had 4 days off (a small miracle) and so far I have slept for 10 hours every night. This is very unlike me, but I can't say I haven't enjoyed it. :)

Between books, music, & sleep I am very effectively wasting time. But today, I am going to hang out with some girls & then Dawn & Zac are coming over later for pizza & who knows what else. So not all my time is being frivilously spent :)

Right now, it looks sunny, but I'm scared it's cold. The weather through a window can be so deceiving.

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