Wednesday, June 14, 2006

chillin' with ms. gretka & mr. sly :-)

here i sit with some of my most favorite slovaks on the entire planet eating sunflower seeds & listening to robbie williams because greta happens to LOVE her some robbie williams. today i saw their little baby pug named sara & i looked at lots of pictures from finland (& sly's finnish girlfriend-oooooh). i got 2 kisses from her mom & 10 kisses from greta & LOTS of kisses from sara. i have also eaten (ate??) more chocolate than i should have because greta thinks i need to beef up ;)
at one point this evening, greta showed me & sly just how much she loves Arash. all i can say is "ARASH!! UHHHHHH!!!!". (that is me making fun of greta).
greta would like to say "i dont know!!! heeheehhee" & "shut up meg!" ok, seriously, she won't stop giggling enough to say an intelligent comment. i would get silvestOR to say something, but he is preparing the grill so we can eat more food! every time i visit the Cernotovci home, i leave with an extra pound or 2 because they love to feed me!
~anyway, we just wanted to share our evening~

such beeeeeautiful people...


Mama said...

o.k.Meg...I know I am tired, but who is Robbie Williams? and who is Sly? and who does Sara belong to? and what is Arash? I feel like I must be really backward to not figure all of this out...but I am glad you had such a good time, and Greta is really beautiful. (and the guy is nice looking whoever he is?) You will miss Greta and all of the other wonderful Slovak friends you have made- and I know they will miss you! I loved meeting so many of them. Chou baby...(or however you spell it!)

Meg said...

1.)Robbie Williams is a singer (I think he's British or something)
2.)Sly is Greta's older brother that you didn't get to meet because he has been in Finland (Sly is his nickname-his full name is Silvester)
3.)Sara is their new puppie(She is a pug that they just got. She is only 8 weeks old and SOOOO cute)
4.)Arash is an Iranian singer that is big over here, but maybe not in America
5.)The pictures are of Greta and Silvester
6.)And it's not chou, it's cau!! (but so many countries say cau that you might have spelled it right in another language;))

I think you must have been very tired when you read what I wrote... OR you're just getting old. Haha-just kidding-you don't act old and you are still SOOOO beautiful. Lovely Linda you are :-)
I miss you, but I will see you in 15 days!

greta said...

meg, reading what you have written makes me feel good. When i am thinking of how much fun we had yesterday, i guess i am going to miss it so much :-( but i am very happy you came.
Meg, be sure i will never forget "Silvestor", it's sooooo's was one of the funniest things you've ever said..
Mrs. Smith, Robbie Williams is a very popular singer here in Slovakia and i like his songs a lot...Arash is another singer that i like, and Meg was making fun of me and my "love" that i feel for him and the way i express my feelings :-) anyway, you have a good daughter, you can be proud of her...

Loc said...

Meg, Greta, and Silvester....I still rememdered the good times at the village. The grill, the food, and of course the music were all wonderful. I hope that you guys are doing great. Tell Silverster that I said HI and hope that he is doing great also. Talk to you soon Meg in Knoxville. I'm still here. Cau Cau. Dobry Den.