Monday, May 15, 2006

meg vs. the volcano

it is so amazing how god is so personal with every single human being on the planet. i was reading about this volcano (mount merapi) in indonesia & this woman said "merapi appears angry". i don't know the exact context of her comment nor what she was implying by it, but it made me think of people who see creation as some sort of god or something that they can appease. & of course volcanologists will tell you all the complexities that go into a volocanic eruption-the gas & the heat & the craters or whatever else there is to know. some people would contribute the eruption to no less than the very hand of god. none of us can know why the volcano erupted & none of us can prove our theories, but then there is god. god who knows every single indonesian fleeing from the anger of mount merapi. & what is even more spectacular is that he has a specific plan for every single life. i absolutely cannnot fathom this. i think "i know god". i think "god knows me & loves me so much". of course those thoughts are true, but i tend to put god in this meg-box where he is consumed with pursuing me or blessing me or teaching me, not all those indonesians & not even those people who live down the block from me. god is not just amazing & lovely to me, but to so many people! god is just as close (& defninitely a lot closer in many cases) to thousands or millions of other people & when god says he loves everyone, he means it. he loves people with a raging love & i don't even know they exist. he does SO MUCH outside of what he does in & through me. it is not god who is consumed with my life, but me! god is consumed with mankind, not meg! & yet, he does love me with a raging love. he does pursue me every minute of every day. he does think of me often & rejoice with me & mourn with me & cry with me & laugh with me. god is beyond comprehension, don't ya think?

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